Welcome to the Magnifying Golden Retrievers Contact Us page!
I would like to welcome each of my  viewers, I want too let you know a little bit about the interest and  the love I have for this breed of retrievers. I drew a love for these  dogs 17 years ago. In the past I have had such wonderful lifetime  memories and experiences, I find no other breed of dog with such  intrest. The nature and characteristics these dogs bring too a family is  undescribable They are known as Americas number one and top of the  line family dog. Their love, loyalty, and obedience carries such value.  Children are taken by such fond love at first site, threw their growth  with a child the dog becomes their best friend, and life time companion.  The hunting-love and show quality in these dogs is outstanding!!  We are TASTE OF THE WILDE  food for our puppies, with this brand of food you will get only the best results in a full well-balanced rounded dog.

Though you may have many questions and wonders about this breed, I  request you do your research or feel free too contact me. I am able too  answer all questions you may have.

My family and I intend too continue sharing our love threw our dogs and  supplying the world with nothing but the best full blood Golden  Retrievers. Thank You for your interest!!   

   Mrs Carter