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Puppy Contract

                                                  Magnifying Golden Retrievers 

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First step is to make a visit to our puppy farm to see we are real and love our DOG'S or call me

As a breeder our goal is to achieve by selective breeding. Golden Retrievers that possess the soundness,
 natural ability and personality that is reflected in the breed standard  and to do all that is possible to achieve and promote these qualities. Not a puppy mill 

The following sale and agreement is  made and entered into by and between the following persons and is  effective this _____ (month/day), _____2019




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Email: ___________________________________

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 Male  -    Female


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Jacqueline   -   Ivanka     Melania -  [ Full AMERICAN]


The seller hereby accepts a non-refundable deposit of $200.00 (to be  given/mailed with contract to seller) toward the purchase of the puppy identified below. 
The Seller upon receipt of the above mentioned $200.00 deposit for 

 AMERICAN GOLDEN RETRIEVER acknowledges that the buyer is purchasing a  puppy with limited registration.
 This deposit in non-refundable  except if enough puppies are not whelped to supply the Buyer.  Breeding  rights will be optional at the time of  O-F-A. The puppy must be 18  months old at this time.

I work with AKC on all puppy registration papers so will be notified if your puppy is not (reg)

The full purchase price is $1000.00  and the balance after deposit of $200.00 is $800.00 due in full before the puppy is delivered 
by the Seller to the Buyer. Crate, and any additional handling expenses will be paid by and are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Please make all checks payable to Givonna Carter.


The Seller hereby sells and delivered to the buyer a    M - F   Golden Retriever Puppy, whelped on ____ (month/day), ____2019


Sire of this puppy is: _ JACQUELINE _  IVANKA _ MELANIA


Dam  of this puppy is:    YOD - YOD



All applicable terms and conditions below will apply, except that this puppy is sold with limited registration.








                                                 The Buyer(s) Agree(s)     

That this puppy will be examined by a  licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of receipt. If the puppy is  returned due to illness, a verified letter from the Veterinarian is  required.
 This includes death or illness from any health condition deemed present prior to removal from Magnifying Kennel premises
That said dog will be given proper medical care including, but not  limited to vaccinations and annual boosters, regular deworming, adequate
 and proper shade and housing in a fenced yard or kennel. 
That the buyer will groom, train, and care for this dog in a manner consistent with high quality animal husbandry practices 
and those endorsed by the breeder and the Golden Retriever Club of America. 
That the buyer will use the prefix Magnifying at the beginning of the  dogs registered name along with any other specific themes or words  requested by the breeder.


That this dog will not be used for any purposes of research or vivisection and shall not be sold or given 
to any wholesale establishment, chain store, catalog sales house, pet store or puppy mill.

That this dog will ever be surrendered to any humane society, animal rescue group or animal shelter.
 Should you not want or have room for this dog the breeder you got this  dog from MAGNIFYING GOLDEN RETRIEVERS will be the only one the dog will  go back to.
 Dog is not to be sold or give away to anyone.
 All disputes shall be handled under the laws and jurisdiction of Oklahoma in the Superior Court of Pott County, Oklahoma.  

Magnifying Golden Retriever

44805 Hazel Dell RD

Meeker Oklahoma 


Date of Sale:  -----    ----- 2019

Seller Signature: _______________________________

Buyer Signature: _______________________________
This contract includes Terms and Conditions that are fallow

Terms and Conditions




TERMS AND CONDITIONS That reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent our puppies from  acquiring hereditary defects of the hips, eyes and heart. However, due  to unknown hereditary and environmental causes of such defects no  guarantee will be given against them. That however, should said puppy be diagnosed by a board certified  specialist as being affected by one of the above defects, the Sellers  will at their discretion take the puppy back and replace it with a puppy  from another breeding within two years for hips and one year for other  genetic defects. That should at any time the said puppy for any reason may be separate  from said owners puppy shall be returned to Magnifying Kennels.                            


COCCIDIA are one celled protozoans that are parasites of the lining of  the small intestine which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools  and dehydration. Dogs and cats can ingest coccidia from licking infected  ground or cleaning themselves after coming in contact with infected  ground or feces, or by eating an infected host itself such as a mouse or  squirrel. Coccidia can be diagnosed by a fecal exam; Albon is generally  prescribed for treatment. Albon (sulfadoxine) is a sulfa drug -  antibiotic. Antibiotics do not "kill" parasites. Antibiotics simply  address the secondary infection (blood) caused by the parasite giving  the puppy time to build up immunity.  

GIARDIA (Beaver Fever) is another protozoan intestinal parasite that  infects many animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, wild birds, squirrels, rats,  raccoons) and man. Giardia lives and reproduces in the small intestine  of host animals. The living stage of Giardia produces inactive cysts  which are passed from the host in fecal matter. The cyst is durable  enough to withstand temperatures of -13 degrees C. Other animals can  accidentally ingest cysts by licking the ground, each other’s coats, or  eating feces. Giardia causes diarrhea and fluid loss. Metronidazole is  generally prescribed as treatment. There are other treatments such as  fenbendazole that has proven to be affective. Some animals have symptoms  while others do not. More Giardia  (beaver fever) links:  

CLOSTRIDIUM ENTERITIS One of the most common infections seen in many  veterinary hospitals, second only to periodontal disease, is diarrhea  from a bacteria called Clostridium birefringent. Pets with this disease  can have signs ranging from very mild to severe, watery diarrhea,  sometimes accompanied by vomiting, belching, flatulence, weight loss and  abdominal discomfort. There may be blood or mucous in the stool. The  disease can be acute, which means it comes on suddenly. It can also be  chronic (long term) or recurrent, depending on the particular strain of  bacteria the pet has. It is not known exactly where this bacterial infection is acquired. It  is probably common among wildlife and many pets apparently harbor it in  small numbers in their intestinal tracts all the time. The spores formed  by the bacteria survive for years and are almost impossible to remove  from the environment. Clostridium can be newly acquired when a pet  sniffs the ground where another animal has been that carried the  disease, or it may be present for a long time and suddenly flare up to  cause disease. It may cause problems by itself or worsen the signs of  other intestinal parasites or diseases. The infection caused by Clostridium is easily treated with a course of  antibiotics, though it may be slow to clear up. Several medications are  effective, but most vets prescribe Tylin or metronidazole, as they are  inexpensive and usually well tolerated.  

TAPEWORMS are passed to the dog by ingestion of the intermediate host of  the tapeworm - the flea. Once ingested the intermediate host releases  the intermediate stage of the tapeworm into the GI of the dog where the  parasite matures to an adult in the small bowel. Eggs are shed to the  environment from the GI of the dog in small segments that look like  pieces of rice. Flea control is a good prevention, and Cestex, Droncit  or Drontal are generally used for treatment.   

ROUNDWORMS (Toxocara) are very common. Roundworm larvae become encysted  in the dog`s tissues and can be passed through the placenta from mother  to pup. The majority of puppies are infected with roundworm and require  treatment. Roundworms in puppies can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea;  occasionally as the larvae migrate through the organs into airway  passages, they can cause pneumonia. Regular worming of puppies is  recommended. Heart worm medication for adult dogs will also control any  roundworm infection in adults.   

HOOKWORMS can infect the dog either by ingestion or penetration of the  skin by the larvae. The larvae circulate through the blood stream into  many tissues and finally settle in the intestine where they mature. They  attach to the intestinal lining and suck blood. Hookworm infection can  cause marked anemia, intermittent bloody diarrhea, dull dry hair coat,  and weight loss. Untreated infection in puppies can be severe and  require intravenous therapy. Regular worming of puppies is recommended.  Heart worm medication for adult dogs will also control hookworm  infection.  

Parasites exist all over in our environment. It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to  completely eradicate this as even the deer in the back yard, the mice  the fields and the squirrels in the trees are "dropping" them as they go  through our land. Don't live in a bubble. :O) We do try to treat all parasites that our puppies are likely to have.  However, sometimes several treatments at 2 week intervals are required  and as a new puppy owner you may have to continue this anti-parasite  agenda through the first 6 months of your puppy’s life. After this,  worming 2-3 times a year is sufficient  

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